This is a utopia drawing, created by friends Scott, Barb, Craig, Alison, Tobey (with help from his mother, Alison), Andy, Annemarie, and Nancy at Mark's 31st birthday party. Hover over features of the drawing to discover who drew what. To see each item in greater detail, scroll down to the larger version below.


Plenty of sun (Barb) Birds, the final touch on this paradise (Mark) Skiing! (Alison) Snow, for the mountain (Alison) Potato latkes with sour cream.  Imagine life WITHOUT them! (Scott) Mountain, for skiing and majestic views (Alison) Ah, sunbathing on a floaty thing (Barb) Kitties, love -- what more could you need? (Nancy) Plenty of code, the language of digital utopia (Andy, software developer) This syntax tree reads, 'Andy + Annemarie love Mark + Nancy' (Annemarie, professor of linguistics) The moon!  (Tobey) Airplane, source of wonder and fascination to so many (Tobey) Fish -- excellent (Tobey) Ball, of course (Tobey) No time limits on writing! (Craig) Nonstop writing inspiration (Craig) Note the jet-propelled cushion! (Craig) Freedom of expression (Tobey, without help from his mother) Water, of course (Barb)