third grade today

I grew up in an Air Force family in the Midwest, Upstate New York, and New Hampshire. A graduate of the University of Michigan's Residential College, I now work as a software developer. Since college, I have lived in Milwaukee, Wichita, Kansas, and Chicago, where I now live with my wife Nancy, and a houseful of cats, in Logan Square.

My interests fall broadly into the categories of the creative arts, computer science, and the humanities. My biggest hobby is writing (see muster), and I hope some day to make it my primary profession. Not a big sports nut, don't watch TV. I'm a young man bent on doing his own thing(s). My one great political interest is the humane raising (and killing) of farm animals. (See the Humane Farming Association website.)

As a software developer, I got my start with Smalltalk, then moved on to Java for practical reasons. I have also done a few projects in Delphi, Perl, C, and C++, but Java's my favorite. I currently work at Parlano, Inc., makers of a secure enterprise chat product called MindAlign.

I am an avid lover of music, forever in search of new, classic, and forgotten artists. Two particular favorites are Adrian Belew and Poi Dog Pondering.