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Top Ten Reasons Why "W" Is Wrong For Women

10. Ended the Equal Pay Initiative, opposes stronger enforcement of equal pay laws -- and even removed fact sheets about equal pay from federal government websites!

9. Put families at risk by cutting funding for emergency shelters, crisis hotlines, and other needed services to protect women from violence; and would end federal efforts to improve databases of stalkers.

8. Left behind nearly a half million children from child care programs in the next five years, and cut back on after-school programs that enable working parents to know their children are safe after school.

7. Opposes increasing the minimum wage, which would benefit nearly 7 million working women; and refuses to extend the child tax credit to 12 million children in lower income working families.

6. Refused to make prescription drugs affordable for American women -- who represent more than 60% of Medicare recipients -- but secured a big gift to the drug companies!

5. Offered huge tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans while losing access to health insurance and health care costs continue to escalate.

4. Broken promise to fully fund No Child Left Behind, leaving state and local governments struggling to pay the bills, our teachers overburdened and our children shortchanged.

3. Rolled back environmental regulations that protect clean air and water, endangering our families' health; and slowed down the clean up of toxic wastes sites while insisting that taxpayers pay the burden!

2. Nominated federal judges who are hostile to women's rights -- like ruling a breast cancer patient had no right of privacy when her doctor allowed a drug company salesman to sit in on her examination!

1. Undermined women's right to choose -- selecting vehemently anti-choice judicial nominees; trying to cut funding for family planning; even overruling the government's own scientific panels to refuse over the counter sale of emergency contraception!